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General Services.  Contact us for more specific request


      General Cleaning:
 Firearm is "Field Stripped" and thoroughly cleaned, lubricated, reassembled & function checked.
Pro Cleaning:
Your firearm is completely disassembled and each part is detail cleaned & inspected.  All internal friction points and parts are deburred to allow for smoother operation.  Finally, all parts are treated for corrosion resistance, properly lubricated and reassembled.
       Function & Safety Check:
Sadly, just because its "Factory New" no longer means its right.  In an industry of Mid-Tech, High volume   production with limited Quality Control, flaws get through.  I can't tell you how much of our    time is spent correcting issues with new "High End" factory firearms.  Before betting your safety or life on it, get it checked out.
     Reliability & Accuracy Work:

Consider it insurance to decrease the odd's of something going wrong with your firearm when you need it most.

     Polish Feed Ramp & throat, Polish Chamber (check chamber depth & adjust as                necessary), Polish & tune Extractor, Polish Breach Face, check Ejector (tighten,                  shape as needed) , Polish Bore.

     General Upgrades & Repairs:
  Whether its fixing a broken Extractor, Dropping in that new Trigger, or fitting a Match       Grade Barrel, we can take care of it for you.
1911 Specific Work:
-Function / Safety Inspection​
-Repair / Parts Replacement 
-Barrel Installation 
-1911 Tune Up
 (complete disassembly & inspection, Pro Clean, debur friction points, replace springs, lubricate)
-Trigger Work
-Reliability Pkg
(polish feed ramp/throat, chamber, bore, breach face.  polish & tune extractor, check clearance & chamber depth and adjust as necessary, tighten ejector, install recoil spring)
      Custom Builds:
Make it your own!  Got an idea for a new AR, Glock or 1911?  We can bring it to life. 
We will gladly assist with design, parts selection and assembly to create a firearm that
is truly unique.
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