The true reward in what we do is found here.  Knowing you are as proud of your firearm as we are, is why we do what we do, and  to the level that we do it.  Thank you to all of our customers.  It's your dedication that allows us to pursue our passion each day!

We would be honored at have your testimonial.  If you are a customer and would like to leave yours, send it via the "contact us" page and we will be sure to post it!









Finally got a chance to shoot the EMP today;  Absolutely Flawless!  Thanks again for everything, take care.


"The Colt finally arrived... WOW!  I am not entirely sure you didn't mess up and send me someone else's.  I really had no idea that this beautiful 1911 was hiding under all the dirt and scratches.  it is STUNNING!  Thank You so much!

-Andy Frazier-

"Got some range time in today to try out the Contour since the work was done.  First, That trigger reset is fantastic!  the gun as a whole is just a completely different experience.  Trigger pull feels like silk, you know its cycling but you feel no friction, did I mention the reset?  haha.  It is now my official carry gun, I'll be getting the Sig out to you this week.  Thanks again Dallas.

-Tom Pittman-

"As a professional outdoor & shooting writer, Dallas at Praetorian, Inc is the ONLY Gunsmith I would trust with my firearms and equipment."

-Bill Mooney-

"Amazing work as Always!"



It was no accident me meeting Dallas.  It was a GOD send for me.  I live in California and I will not let anybody touch my guns except Dallas.  He has re-worked my EMP 4, Dan Wesson, My Colt which you might have seen in the pictures, a Les Baer, Sig Sauer and my Glock 43.  If you want the best, then now you know who he is.  Thanks.

-Gary McBroom-

"After experiencing one of the projects Dallas did for me, there is NO OTHER smith I will ever use.  His work is finely detailed, exact and precise.  He does great work with great care."

-Daniel Woodhead-


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