About Us:

“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”

-Sir Henry Royce-

This one powerful quote from Sir Henry Royce defines our guiding principle at Praetorian, Inc.  We strive to ensure that every firearm that leaves the shop is as perfect as that firearm can be.  And firmly believe that  with the proper knowledge, experience and commitment to detail, even the best can be made better.

Firearms by design are complex systems that rely on many moving parts working together to achieve one end goal. These systems were designed by engineers to be exact.  At Praetorian, Inc. not only do we know these systems, we give the same level of attention to each part to ensure a perfect and reliable shooting experience each time you pull the trigger.


We love what we do!  We are shooters, collectors, instructors and enthusiast for all things 2nd Amendment.  Whether our experience came from Law Enforcement, Military, Competition Shooting or all three, we know the firearm and what shooters want out of their own.  Not only do we know what it will do, we know what its capable of doing and we know how to get it there!

So, whether in the shop working on your firearm, or on the range working on your skills, we promise 100% commitment to the details 100% of the time, and to always strive for perfection!

  -Praetorian, Inc.-



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